Project Overview
21st Info-Security Project is a large-scale educational project aiming to exchange ideas on the latest advances and threats in information security. First launched in December 2001, the project has become one of the most well-established and recognizable showcases of its kind in Hong Kong.
As an all-encompassing info-security project composed of various elements - including e-Newsletter, Case Studies Reference Booklet, Security Workshop and the Info-Security Conference, it offers an insight into the latest security trends and solutions, as well as provides a platform for exchanging ideas, knowledge and experiences.
Our Objectives:
To create various educational channels and information exchange platforms with access to the latest security technologies.
To heighten the awareness of information security and reliable access to corporate information .
To facilitate an overview of the latest development and adoption in the IT landscape to cope with the ever-changing security risks and sustain the competitiveness of Hong Kong e-Commerce.
Project Components
Info-Security Conference
An ideal platform for IT professionals to gather, exchange ideas and participate in discussions on the latest industry and information security trends.
Regular e-Newsletter
Regular e-Newsletters covering the hottest topics will be delivered to update the most recent security information and industry events, thank to the contribution of leading service providers and industry experts on the latest technology trends, research summaries, case studies and advice.
Annual Security Booklet
An information and reference tool for developing information security policies, consisting of white papers, real-life case studies, guidance and research. All papers and case studies are contributed by project advisors, supporting organizations, renowned industry experts, scholars and IT professionals.
Security Appliance Showcase
A unique meeting point for vendors to demonstrate their state-of-the-art security applications and useful tips.
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